International Conference: ALD for Industry 2024

Startdatum und Uhrzeit:
12.03.2024 - 13.03.2024
Penck Hotel Dresden
Ostra-Allee 33
01067 Dresden
The 7th International Conference „ALD FOR INDUSTRY“ will bridge the gap between fundamental science, industrialization and commercialization of this technology. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a process for depositing a variety of thin film materials from the vapor phase of matter. The growth of this technology is not only based in microelectronics applications, but also in areas of industrial Li-Ion batteries, photovoltaics, optics, light, biomedicine and quantum technology. At the conference recent developments for ALD processes, simulation and characterization of coatings and coating processes, precursor materials, ALD systems and coatings for special applications are presented. Beside the Conference, you will have the chance to meet industrial experts and get informed about new materials, coating systems, measurement technology for quality management and suitable equipment in the exhibition. During the tutorials basic knowledge will be refreshed or extended with new insights and basic process understanding.

Dr. Katrin Ferse